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Dunota Pools is fully licensed and insured

All their techs are certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation. All Dunota’s trucks and techs are properly identified with signs and uniforms so that customers can have peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with a professional organization.

Customer comes first

Dunota wants to create wild raving fans that that are completely satisfied and will tell everybody they know!

We are professionals

They follow the strictest codes and regulations to ensure the safety of the project, customers, and employees.

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About Us

Our History

Francisco and Marco are from Venezuela. As most people know their country fell under communism and they were forced to leave their country. They came to America to work hard and give their kids a new life with opportunities.

The two of them met here in Orlando Florida while working in the same industry. It was at that time that they realized that they have a lot in common such as personal values, honesty, integrity and big dreams. 

After getting to know each other for a while they decided to work together to build a pool service company with values that cares for people, not only for the customers, but for the employees as well.  Francisco and Marco believe that if you take good care of your people that they will take good care of your customers.

Today, after 7 years, they can honestly say that Dunota Pools is one happy family.

During their free time they enjoy spending time with family in outdoor activities. To them there is nothing more valuable than spending time with loved ones. Both Marco and Francisco are so grateful to God for all he has given them.

Between the two of them Francisco and Marco have a combined experience of over 23 years in the pool construction and service industry. Initially they started out working for another pool company to gain experience and knowledge of the industry. Then they decided to launch out on their own. Not only did they work tirelessly performing the pool cleanings and other physical labor, but also the administrative work as well…. all without earning a dime! Now 7 years later they are blessed to have a team, of 25 employees.

Dunota Pool Construction

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In addition, they have specialized personnel for each area of the business: pool cleaning, pool repair, pool remodeling, and pool construction. This allows them to provide the highest quality of service to their clients which is their obsession as a business. Dunota does all work in-house with the exception, of one phase of the pool construction.

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